Boglárka Kiss

Nail Technician

I have started this business with great passion towards clients and their experience with nail technicians.

I started doing my own nails as a teenager, after having two bad experiences in a nail salon. I was proud of my creativity and it never really left my life. I often did my friend's nails as well.

Later on life took another turn, school and work came in and my attention drifted. Then a year ago I found my passion again. I started to look for cool designs on social media, I followed artists and started to experiment with my nails.

I then got the idea, why shouldn’t I do this? I immediately attended courses and made Bee Nails! Where my concept is while using vegan and cruelty free products, I want to create a positive experience for all my clients and keep their nails healthy and thriving.

I believe in taking the time with each client so they can enjoy their treatment and be happy with a quality result.

I visit my clients in their home so even busy mums can squeeze an appointment in and have their kids around if needed, taking the pressure off from finding care for their kids.
Working from home? No problem, one hand at the time.
I want to offer a flexible time so the client can be as comfortable as.